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Family activities

Le parc des félins

labyrinthe de Maïs
Vélo rail
Corn labyrinth
Bicycle Rail
"Briardes" Tastes
In the farm

Activities of the "Brie"



Visit of the most ancient dairy of Brie «le roi des fromages et le fromage des rois » in Jouarre , they also offer a tasting. In ST Cyr sur morin an exhibition is dedicated on it.   Visit of an family of ostrich in Villiers saint georges to discover this strange bird and to feel moved in front of a baby ostrich hardly taken out of their shell.

Equestrian promenade

Course across the forest and the lowland for any level starting .



Visit of a plant of mushrooms in Villeneuve sur Bellot : Discovery of Pleurotes and shii-takés: another easy vegetable to be cooked.
Visit of a farm of honeybees in Chevru, beehives, honeybees, and to understand the manufacture of the honey and wax.

Ramble walking

Numerous courses are in your dispostion.



Visit of orchards and cider-works Mignard in Bellot and the ambulant pressoir up to actual manufacture : the history of the manufacture of hard cider.       You will also be able to do bicycle, to go canoeing and go for a ride in a pedalo boat.
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