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Family Suite "Brie et Paille"

In this suite, you can find a large white and straw-coloured bedroom with its half-timbered walls and exposed beams.
It is endowed with a queensize bed for parents and an additional single bed.

Chambre brie et paille
On the other side of the wall, you will find a bedroom in the carmine tones.
It used to be called "fruitier" since apples were kept here to benefit
from the favourable half-light of the room.
le fruitier
Finally, the honey-coloured double bedroom, also dubbed " hive", will remind you
of your childhood with its decoration and its beeswax scent.
la ruche

If you feel hungry and you want to eat something -inside or outside under a sunshade in terrace.
You have a small kitchen at your disposal with fridge, microwave, sink and hotplate.

The family suite "Brie et Paille" has its independant access as well as a bathroom
with shower and separated toilets.

Salle d'eau
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