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Family Suite "Grenier à grains et souris"

Under the enchanting timber frame of the 18th century, the main bedroom,authentic and tastefully
decorated,is waiting for you.
As soon as you lie down on the double bed, you will loose yourself looking at the star-studded sky
through the window and make sweat dreams..

Chambre grenier à grains
Chambre grenierà grains
Chambre grenier à grains
If you cross the door, built in the half-timbered wall, you will discover two large and comfortable single beds
in the room nicknamed the "bedroom of the two mischievous mice" who prefer to play truant rather than studying.
Chambre souris
Chambre souris
Just like the other family suite, this one has its independant access, its bathroom with shower and separated toilets

Salle d'eau

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